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    The CHAS Data Query Tool by HUD provides housing data from 2008 to 2012.

  • Updated: 03/27/2019 5:52 pm CDT

    Community Housing Initiatives, Inc. (CHI) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and has been designated a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) for the entire State of Iowa. CHI focuses on increasing affordable housing across the state. They provide planning services, feasibility studies, and more.

  • Updated: 03/27/2019 5:52 pm CDT

    The HUD in Iowa website provides information, resources and local news about housing in Iowa.

  • Updated: 03/27/2019 5:53 pm CDT

    The International Property Maintenance Code provides model code regulations that contain clear and specific property maintenance requirements with required property improvement provisions.

  • Updated: 03/27/2019 5:10 pm CDT

    The Iowa Councils of Governments (COGs) provide professional planning, programming, and technical assistance to Iowa’s cities, counties, businesses, community organizations and Iowans of all ages.

  • Updated: 03/27/2019 5:34 pm CDT

    Many Councils of Governments (COGs) provide housing assistance programs, although program details vary by region.

  • Updated: 03/27/2019 5:54 pm CDT

    The Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) offers a variety of programs that address a continuum of housing needs, from homeless assistance to multifamily rental and homeownership.

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    The report indicates ten indicators are responsible for housing need or surplus while linked to population growth, housing unit supply, and housing value in Iowa.

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    The State Data Center of Iowa provides population, business and governmental statistics about Iowa.

  • Updated: 03/27/2019 5:56 pm CDT

    Details the State Housing Trust Fund, administered by the Iowa Finance Authority (IFA).

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    The Public Policy Center's (PPC) mission at the University of Iowa is to provide decision-makers with information that can make lifestyles and communities thrive in sustainable ways through academic research.

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    The United States Census Bureau's American FactFinder website provides access to data about the United States, Puerto Rico and the Island Areas. The data in American FactFinder come from several censuses and surveys.

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    The West Des Moines Pattern Book is a resource for homeowners on the basics of updating or renovating a home using good design practices.