Iowa Smart Planning Task Force

One of the 12 Rebuild Iowa Advisory Commission’s recommendations for long-term recovery in its 120-Day Report called on the state to provide greater support for local and regional planning, producing greater economic opportunity, improved resiliency to natural disasters, and enhanced quality of life. In response, the Iowa Legislature passed SF2389 in 2010, establishing the Iowa Smart Planning Task Force. The Task Force is charged with making recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly regarding local and regional planning in Iowa. Recommendations will center on the following:

  • Integrating the Iowa Smart Planning Principles into appropriate state policies and programs.
  • Determining an effective and efficient coordination and information sharing system to support local and regional planning.
  • Suggesting appropriate technical and financial incentives to support local and regional planning.
  • Developing a framework for regional planning.

The Task Force will sunset in December 2012. Its first report is due to the Governor and General Assembly by Nov. 15, 2010. In order to address each of the requirements listed in SF2389, committees/workgroups were created.

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Task Force Meeting Information

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Task Force Membership

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Task Force Leadership

The Task Force is co-chaired by:

Nancy Richardson
Director, Iowa Department of Transportation

Ruth Randleman
Mayor, City of Carlisle

Task Force Coordination

The Iowa Department of Management is coordinating the work of the Task Force, with assistance from the Rebuild Iowa Office and the Iowa Association of Regional Councils. Contact information:

Aaron Todd
Rebuild Iowa Office

Nichole Warren
Iowa Association of Regional Councils

Heather Hackbarth
Iowa Department of Management

Click here to view the official repository of the Iowa Smart Planning Task Force's documents on the Iowa Governor's Boards & Commissions Web site.

Iowa Smart Planning