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Rebuild Iowa Office

Rebuild Iowa Office Transition Strategy (updated December 2010)

Quarterly Reports:

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Rebuild Iowa Advisory Commission (RIAC)

RIAC Task Force Reports

Iowa Disaster Recovery Framework

Other Reports

Iowa Smart Planning Task Force Report (November 2010)

Business Disaster Case Management Task Force Report (November 2010)

Evaluating Direct and Indirect Economic Outcomes of the 2008 Iowa Weather‐Related Disasters - A study prepared by Dave Swenson and Liesl Eathington, Department of Economics, Iowa State University

Infrastructure Plan - 2010 (pdf)

Rebuild Iowa Office Federal Recovery Framework Recommendations (Jan. 2010)

The Floods of 1993: Iowa Flood Disaster Report (May 1994) - (Part 1), (Part 2)

Statewide Economic Impacts of Disaster-Related Payments to Support Household and Private and Public Sector Recovery in Iowa (pdf) - A study prepared by Dave Swenson, Department of Economics, Iowa State University

Iowa Recovery Analysis Workshop Report (pdf)

"Speak Up Iowa!" Public Input Report – August 2008 (pdf)

Business Recovery Status Reports
The Business Recovery Status Report is a resource for businesses compiled by the Safeguard Iowa Partnership. Each weekly report covers a variety of topics and includes information about available assistance, deadlines and upcoming events relevant to businesses affected by this year’s flooding.