Disaster Legislation

In November 2008, Lt. General Ron Dardis and members of the Rebuild Iowa Advisory Commission (RIAC) presented 12 recommendations for Iowa's recovery from the 2008 storms, tornadoes and flooding, as well as initiatives to address other needs throughout the state in the RIAC’s 120-Day Report to the Governor. The report included a vision for Iowa’s long-term recovery and rebuilding process and recommended steps the state and local communities should take to achieve that vision. These recommendations have guided legislative efforts of the Rebuild Iowa Office.

2010 Legislative Session

Entering into the 2010 Legislative Session, the Rebuild Iowa Office focused on three key areas: Disaster Recovery Case Management, Iowa Smart Planning Initiatives and Floodplain Management. Iowa lawmakers made progress in each area which is described further in the linked documents below.

2010 Disaster Recovery Legislative Summary

SF 2389 - Disaster Prevention Program and Smart Planning Sections

Iowa Smart Planning Legislative Guide and Overview

2010 Watershed Legislative Guide and Overview

2009 Legislative Session

Several pieces of legislation were passed during the 2009 Legislative Session to help individuals and communities rebuild safer, stronger and smarter and to address each of the 12 RIAC recommendations.

2009 Legislative Actions on RIAC Recommendations

House File 64 Summary