Community Recovery Toolbox

A partnership with FEMA ESF #14 Long-Term Community Recovery (LTCR) produced strategies, reports, and comprehensive recovery plans for ten Iowa communities. Additionally, the ESF #14 community recovery toolbox was developed while working with the communities in their recovery planning. The first step in the recovery process should be the development of the community's vision and goals. Once established, the tools assist in realizing these goals. The tools include:

  • Communications Mapping Tool - A guide to identify community recovery stakeholder communications networks and implementation techniques
  • Decision-Making Tool - A process and template to guide community recovery decision-making
  • Project + Program Development Guide - A guide and template to assist in the development of community recovery projects and programs
  • Resource Guide - A directory for community recovery technical assistance resources and funding opportunities

The tools are designed to be utilized in the sequence listed above, but the sequence may change depending on where the community is in the recovery process and the type of assistance needed. It should also be noted that these tools are useful outside of disaster situations.

The ESF #14 Toolbox is included below, followed by the strategies, reports, and plans for each of the 10 communities. Please contact the RIO if you have questions about any of these tools or documents.

Community Recovery Tools

Communities interested in using these tools to implement their own disaster recovery process are encouraged to first read this self-help guide (pdf - 3.8MB) which details a typical recovery planning process.

Step 1 - Establishment of the community's vision and goals as outlined in the self-help guide (pdf - 3.8MB).

Step 2 - Toolbox Introduction

Step 3 - Communications Mapping Tool

Step 4 - Decision-Making Tool

Step 5 - Project + Program Development Guide

Step 6 - Resource Guide

Community Plans, Strategies & Reports

Cedar Falls / Waterloo (Cedar River Initiative)

Cedar River Initiative LTCR Strategy - pdf (7.3 MB)

Cedar rapids

Cedar Rapids LTCR Report - pdf (4.5 MB)


Coralville LTCR Strategy - pdf (5.3 MB)

Iowa City

Iowa City LTCR Strategy - pdf (3.9 MB)

New Hartford

New Hartford LTCR Plan - pdf (9.6 MB)


Oakville LTCR Plan - pdf (17.7 MB)


Palo LTCR Strategy - pdf (7.4 MB)


Parkersburg LTCR Report - pdf (6.1 MB)


Waverly LTCR Strategy - pdf (10.8 MB)