Disaster Recovery Case Management

Iowa Disaster Human Resource Council

The IDHRC is the State Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster (VOAD). The IDHRC is comprised of faith-based and voluntary agency representatives as well as representatives from key government agencies. The concept for the IDHRC developed at the request of the Iowa Emergency Management Association (IEMA). The mission statement of the Council is to “Coordinate a holistic approach to disaster recovery by maximizing public and private resources, thereby providing an efficient system that can address immediate and long-term physical, spiritual and emotional needs of impacted citizens.” The IDHRC also serves as the statewide Citizen Corps council.

More information about the IDHRC can be found on their website.

Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COADs)

A COAD provides the venue for agencies to coordinate, collaborate, communicate and cooperate on disaster planning, training and response. These organizations consist of local voluntary and faith-based organizations as well as governmental and community representatives that offer services during time of disaster.

Some services offered by COADs include mass care and sheltering, debris removal, repair and rebuilding, volunteer and donation coordination, financial assistance and long term recovery assistance.

Long-Term Recovery Committees

Long-Term Recovery Committees (LTRCs) are local community organizations designed to meet the needs of a community after a disaster. LTRCs connect those affected by the disaster with the local agencies and resources they need to complete the recovery process.

LTRCs also connect volunteers with local agencies and organizations that have a need for assistance. LTRCs are often a subcommittee of a larger local COAD.

Developing Local COADs

Because all disasters are local, COAD development is a grassroots effort. Anyone can begin a COAD, but is important that all key players be brought to the table early on.

The success of a COAD hinges on adherence to the four core values: collaboration, coordination, communication and cooperation. No one member has all of the answers and so it is important to work together to deliver important services in the most efficient way possible.

COAD Development 101

COAD Toolbox